Pro life is a basic attitude where all forms of life is respected. Life in any form either inanimate or animate being is sacred. Hence pro life movement stand for the dignity and worth of life (plants, trees, birds, animals, Humans are all to be revered). Life is a gift of God and so it is invariably sacred. Human fetus is a person and therefore has all the rights to life.

The pro life cell of the diocese of Irinjalakuda is called "Marian Pro life Movement". There are 31 parish units to Ministry of Pro life in the diocese. We are working with all other parishes in building pro life cells across all the parishes of the diocese. If you respect life and believe in God you are eligible to be a pro lifer. Welcome, Join us…

We gather every second Sunday at 2.00 P.M. at PACS.

1. Mar. Pauly Kannookadan, Bishop of Irinjalakuda, The Chairman.
2. Rev. Dr. Jose Irimpan, Vice Chairman
3. Rev. Dr. Joy Nellissery, Director of Family Apostolate
4. Sri Jolly Joseph Edappully Ph. 9995880552, Convener
5. Dr. Reju Varghese Kallely Ph. 9496530220, Joint Conveners
6. Mrs. Ruby Johnson Vattoly Ph. 9495130647, Joint Conveners
7. Sri Ranjith Mathew Kaitharath Ph. 9745626199, Secretary
8. Dr. C.M.Davis Ph. 9447308100, Joint Secretary.
9. Sr. Elsy C.S.S. 0487-2371685, Joint Secretary.
10. Sri V.O. Johnson Ph. 9447243486, Treasurer
11. Sr. Dalia CSS Ph. 0480 2880439, Animator
12. Dr. V.J. Paul Ph. 9447238913, Advisors
13.Dr. Finto Francis 9895711735, Advisors
14. Sr. Rose Regis Ph. 94962883483, Advisors
15. Nominated member from St. James Cky, Hospital coordinators
16. Nominated member from Dhannya Potta, Hospital coordinators
17. Sr. Sharon C.H.F. Nominated member from M.T.H. Kuzhikattussery, Hospital coordinators
18. Nominated member from S.H. Pulloor, Hospital coordinators
19.Nominated member from Alappatt Mission, Karanchira, Hospital coordinators


PACS is a serene and pristine home for studies. Built in traditional "Nalukettu" architectural style (quadrangle building in three stories) and the centre courtyard has "Sannidhi" (chapel) amidst lush green accompanied ...


Church is the communion of families. Holy Bible is the stories of families where God made direct interventions. The most important, relevant and significant unit of Church is family. Every person in this world was born,


The marriage preparation program is called "Pre Cana" because they recall the wedding experience of Cana (Jn. 2/1-12) and remind us that Christ Jesus is forever present in every marriage.

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